Thursday, August 2, 2007

A is for Art

i miss being an art student and an art teacher. i became very nostolgic yesterday in an art supply store for the college of charleston. my hubby and i were having a little 2 day vacation from life/baby in charleston. i listened to students ask questions about the supplies they need for classes such as drawing 1 or 3-d design. i wanted to go and talk to them and answer their questions! so nosey! i loved looking at all the pencils and kneaded erasers, the canson books, micron pens, printing inks, and of course my favorite markers! i fell in love with art markers while in fashion school. mmm...they don't smell so great, makes you a little lightheaded. but they are so much fun.

i miss learning in a classroom of eager and talented students. and being surrounded by creativity. i have found a good bit of this online with all the awesome craft blogs i have discovered. i love creativity and the desire to make new things.

one day i want to get my m.f.a. in fiber arts. hopefully when the kids are older. i would love to teach in college. dream job.

i left teaching last year when we moved to richmond and i miss it. right now i am staying home with miriam which is what i want. but i feel like i need to get back in and take a class or teach a class. i talked with hubby on our trip about this. maybe i will look into something this fall semester...


  1. hello and welcome to the blog world - I hope you love it . I am also obsessed by green - no explanation I just gravitate towards it in everything !!! I'll be back soon.

  2. You could try local community centres... They may be interested in having a small arts class for a few weeks, especially during the summer months.