Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cozy song...

Ok, this is a random post. I love this CVS commercial the artwork is amazing. All of you wonderful Aussies and Britons that read my blog. You much watch this commercial. It makes me so happy and cozy. Anyways, I found out that you can download the song (originally sung by Sarah McLachlan for the Charlotte's Web soundtrack) for free here. I love this version of the song, which is sung by Kathy Fisher. This song feels like a wonderful rainy afternoon with a good book and hot chocolate.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

birthday goodness!

my mom bought me last-minute patchwork gifts! yeah! it is so beautiful and it is really inspiring me to make a quilt! i have always been kinda partial to functional art so i like making clothing, toys, etc. but wall hanging quilts don't appeal to me as much. i want to use them, cover up with them, get all cuddly. my mom once had to find one word to describe me and her word was "cozy." i think she is definately right! so maybe i will make the wall hanging quilts larger or make it for miriam to use. but the day after i got the book (which joelle signed! i felt so special! i know she probably does it for all the books, but i don't care i loved it) i made the puzzle ball! it was really easy to follow her instructions. i didn't quite understand why she said to do certain things but i just did it and it turned out perfect! i didn't have any safety pins to hold it together while i sewed it but i made it work. i just sewed a few pieces at a time.

and bethany at bitty betty sent me some awesome shoes and a cutie little doggie for my birthday. she was doing a birthday give-away and i shared the same birthday as her son so she made me a little something! isn't he adorable!!! thank you bethany!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my artsy crafty space

we recently moved my stuff into the now official "office." we put the guest bed in miriam's room and put me with mike's stuff. so now we are sharing. scary. neat freak hubby sharing a room with artsy crafty messy wife. this should be fun. we still haven't painted this room but that's ok i like all my stuff i put up! see that tree? i made it from a felted thrifted sweater and am going to decorate it with felt "bumps" (sounds weird i know). i think i am going to sell it on my etsy site.

i love the cork trivets from ikea, they make great bulliten boards! and my hubby made those green shelves for me. good job honey! and i made the ribbon organizer out of two finials that i found in someone's trash for cleanup day! i loooooove cleanup day. everyone can put out anything they want thrown out, people throw out tons of awesome stuff. i'll have to take pictures and show everyone my loot!