Tuesday, August 14, 2007

F, G, and H is for....

I really want to post what H is for. So here is F and G really quick!

F is for...Food and Fitness. I am dying to lose my baby weight! I started Stroller Strides here in town and man it kicks my tail! Its really fun and it is a serious workout. I am also trying to eat better. I know I will not do well on a diet but I am changing my eating habits and I hope that will do the trick.

G is for...Goal. I have never been really good at goals. But my one of my new goals is to be good at goals! My current goals are to trim up and lose this baby belly. I don't have any specifics weight or size necessarily (although I have and idea) I just want to wear jeans and cute shirts and dresses! I feel like my clothes are part of my personality and I want to wear things that scream me, instead of things that just fit. My other goal currently is to be able to sell more of my handmade creations. I want my etsy store to do better. Which is hard to do with a new workout routine that takes up almost the entire morning and having a 3 1/2 month old. Its frustrating because I feel like I can never finish anything, I'm constantly interrupted by dinner, dogs, baby, husband, laundry, phone calls, etc.


H is for Highchair!! I found this highchair at a garage sale Saturday and I am so giddy about it!!

Don't you just love it! That bunny makes me so happy! I am going to sew up a oilcloth strap to help hold her in. Its very similar to the one that my brother and I ate in growing up. Who says I have to have a new plastic highchair?! We all grew up with wooden ones usually. So why not?! It was only $15 and I didn't even care that they weren't willing to negotiate cause I am in love.


  1. There is simply not enough time in the day is there?
    Very very cute highchair !

  2. I don't blame you for racing through g and f, I would have too! The high chair is gorgeous, and so much more beautiful than a plastic one (and more comfy too!)

  3. Love the chair!!! I was in your situation about 10 years ago...moved, left my teaching position, started a family. There always seems to be new kinds of opportunities to teach art! Lots of us are doing little things here and there, so don't give up on that! (But being a mom is the most important!)

  4. Great choice on the high chair. The plastic ones look good too but they are actually a pain to clean. The crumbs get stuck in the folds and corners. Ick! I am doing the encyclodedia thing too. I'm still at A tho!

  5. Highchairs shouldn't be Lazyboys! It's to eat enjoy then get out. Maybe a little seat pad but then again diapers are plenty of cushion!