Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweaters, Flowers, and a Duck

First I want to show off Sarah's fabric flowers that she made using my tutorial! Aren't they gorgeous! You should go check out her blog and see more pictures of them (and her adorable baby!)

Next, on the subject of wool, did I find an awesome resource for you!! Go, check out Kris' site, she has a blog where she features great recycled wool projects AND she sells wool sweaters at her shop! Too cool.

And now for the duck. I have had this unfinished wooden duck decoy sitting around my house for a long time. I just could never figure out what do with her, I wanted what ever I did to be special and different. Well, my current obsession with recycling wool sweaters sparked my creativity and I created this sweet little lady. She will be on sale at the Handmade Holiday Show here in Richmond an if no one snaps her up then she's on to the Rock and Shop Market in Raleigh, NC and if no one gets her there...then you all can have a shot at her (sorry that was a bad pun!)

(Can you believe this pic was taken with my iphone! Not bad, eh?!)