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What does "green, it's the new blue" mean? Well, I means that my husband and I say some funny things. We used to have what we called a "quote board" which was essentially a piece of paper that we stuck on the fridge. We wrote on it all the silly things we would say. One of the great quotes that my husband said, which sums me up pretty well was, "green, it's the new blue!" You see, blue was my favorite color for a long time and was even the color in my wedding. Slowly he watched it morph into green. New green pillows for the sofa, green kitchen chairs, green bed sheets, green started creeping into his life the same as blue had a couple years earlier. 

The quote sums up the fact that I morph and change and a lot of the things I like morph and change. Ever since my stint in fashion school I like to predict what will be the newest thing, the newest color, etc. not to brag but I think I have a 6th sense for what the pantone color of the year (oh lookie! its green!) will be before they declare it. All this means i don't like staying the same. 

I like to grow and change and I love looking forward to what is next!

Right now, the "next" in my life is Noonday Collection! This organization thrills my soul! Noonday gives women the ability to provide for their families with the creative spirit that God has built into each of us that flows out of their hands and into beautiful jewelry and accessories that make women around the world feel beautiful. I just love this so much.

Even though I love to change, there are definitely things in my life that are always the same. Jesus, will always be the One I look to for love and guidance. He will always be my savior. My husband, I have absolutely no plans to EVER change this up! My children, they will always be my children, always. And even though I can't say that I see myself selling Noonday Collection for the rest of my entire life, I will ALWAYS care about helping the poor and disadvantaged and finding ways to support their pathways out of poverty. These things never change. Ever.

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