Friday, July 27, 2007


i have been so inspired to start a craft blog. i love visiting craft blogs. i love finding new craft blogs. SO i am making a craft blog!

i love being inspired by others and i would love to share my ideas with others.

in case you are wondering about the title...i used to love blue. that color of the sky on a perfect day, that blue at the top of the sky, the most gorgeous sky blue color you can imagine. don't get me wrong i still love blue. but...well green has taken over my life! my husband likes to tease me about the sudden change of color obsession in my life. our wedding was totally blue. then suddenly about a two years ago...i found this cute shirt at jcpenny's of all places. it was the most wonderfully yummy green color. i was hooked...and green became the new blue.

and if i'm not careful red might take green DOWN!

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