Monday, May 31, 2010

Lots of Fun New Things!

My little 1 year old baby is walking, I'm coordinating the children's department at my new church, and I'm crafting like crazy. I'm a bit busy, but amazingly not overwhelmed. I'm taking it day by day and if I can win "Battle Nap" with my 3 year old I think everything will be OK.

I have also been having lots of fun thrifting with my friend Cindy and seeing what interesting stuff I can make out of all the odd little things I collect. First, I made a sweet little bird to live in this white birdcage I found for pennies.

Then, my sweet friend Tonya found this duck decoy that needed serious love. I hope the love has helped him, he was a very sad duck.

I also found a fiberglass/resin topiary wall plaque and dressed it up with a little felt.

A little paper mache wreath wrapped with some fabulous chunky harvest gold yarn...
(don't tell my mom, but I think harvest gold is on the way back)

I also feel the need to "rescue" old silver and pewter cups/goblets. So many possibilities! Who really drinks out of these things anyways?

Jewelry boxes, oh jewelry boxes! How I do love you! Maybe, it was the little jewelry box I had when I was a little girl that has inspired my new obsession with "prettying" them up. Dark wood and red velvet wasn't that pretty to begin with.

And lots more wreaths!! Of course, you can't forget the wool felt wreaths!

I hope you enjoy all my new little treasure! There are more to come...