Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taking a break from the alphabet...or my first quilt!

I made my very first quilt!! first quilt was in high school and I made it for my mom, but it was so bad it doesn't count! I made Amy Butler's Bella Quilt. My quilt store didn't have all of the fabrics to match so I used a mix of Amy Butler and Heather Bailey's FreshCut. I have the top done so far and need to go buy the fabric for the border, back, and batting. My husband and I have a deal that we have to self-fund any of our hobbies cause we're poor like that! So I sell stuff on etsy and he does freelance projects. It works out well, it's great incentive. So here you first quilt. Look how organized I am!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

M and N

M is for Merry Christmas! I know I know its not even Halloween yet (have you noticed that's when they start playing Christmas music now!). I so am excited about it this year! We did not get a tree last year. My husband was out of town for two weeks and then we left to go to Georgia for Christmas so it wasn't worth the hassle. I was sad though, I really missed that tree! Oh, and I have this great idea for a tree made from a green felted sweater I found at a garage sale. Anyways I want to get onto N!

N is for Nest! Behold my mother's Birthday present! I am so proud of it! She loved it of course, she would love anything I made, she's my mom of course! She really likes bird's nests and robin's eggs. I used aluminum and copper wire from the hardware store and wooden eggs from Michael's and that glorious Martha Stewart glitter from Michael's. think I might make some to sell on etsy...