Tuesday, August 21, 2007

K is for Kirsten

Yeah I couldn't come up with anything else! Kirsten, that's my name. In high school everyone called me "K." I was Miss Kirsten when I taught homeschool art in Milledgeville, GA in college. I have been Mrs. Schueler when I taught middle and high school art in Augusta, Ga. I have some friends who call me Shue. But, for my whole life I have answered to Kristen or Kiersten. I don't care. Call me what you will. Its Kirsten though. Names...they're so funny.

For anyone who wanted the embroidery pattern from the vintage wrapping paper...this one.

Well I finally cleaned it up a good bit and there are still some little parts where you will have to fill it in. The wrapping paper is so old and pretty fragile that the corners have been damaged. I had to scan it in in sections and...well I am not a graphic designer. I did my best :) I hope you enjoy it! Its a large file though.


  1. ha! my name is kirsten, too - i answered to just about anything that started with a K because people always got it wrong, and i have a degree in art ed. weird!

    you DO pronounce it keersten, right?

  2. I too am a Kirsten and growing up it was always Kiersten or Kristen. I remember wanting a different name...now I love it!

    Your blog is lovely!