Monday, August 6, 2007

C is for Chairs

i love chairs. i want one of those awesome row houses with super high brick walls that i can cover with chairs. have you seen people do that? anyways, i love chairs. i love small ones (i want these at ikea) i love old chairs especially. anyways here are some chairs i own...

a little elephant (mccalls 3903) i made with some vintage fabric that used to be a skirt

my mom bought me this chair at an antique store in augusta, ga and i made the seat pad

i bought 5 of these chairs at a garage sale for $11...for all 5!

my sneaky sister-in-law bought me this chair at an antique store in milledgeville, ga. she is sneaky because she "bought it for herself" and she knew i was in love with it and gave it to me for christmas, so sweet!

this is a chair that my mom bought with her sofa/loveseat set back in the eighties and she got it restained and recovered for me and miriam


  1. Great chairs. I love them too. I even like the tiny ones made out of wire like little fairy chairs:)

  2. Love those aqua folding chairs! My mom started a child's chair collection about 5 years ago. Now she has so many she doesn't know what to do with them. I recommended putting them on pegs on one wall. And thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. ooh yummy! What a lovely collection of chairs! I really believe there is nothing more satisfying than finding cheap vintage and unique furniture for next to nothing. A few months ago I found an original 60s bentwood chair (painted white) for 50 pence at a jumble sale!!!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and had to comment on this last chair picture. It is absolutely perfect! I love that chair and now am going to have to scour garage and estate sales to look for a similar shape to refinish and recover. I simply ADORE that fabric. Your mom has such great taste and I'm sure you and Miriam have enjoyed it so much!

  5. So, about that green chair that you saw I have also: We inherited two of those from our friends who lived in our house before us. They gave us a bunch of stuff they didn't want to move. Those babies are rickety! A couple of years ago we were having a little gab session with some coworkers and my husband was sitting on one of those chairs. One friend made an exciting announcement that he would be directing an episode of the next season of the show we work on. On cue, the chair snapped and my husband fell flat on the floor. It was amazing. He was ok though. He didn't even spill a drop of his beer. Needless to say, the other chair is now purely decorative.

  6. I recovered a pillow in the fabric from that last chair and I lurve it! I wish I had bought more of it!