Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Are you ready for the most quirky, the most whimsical, and the most cute thing I think I've ever made? I know you are! So, here's a little background...I bought this "thing" for lack of a better word, cause it was crazy ugly, at Goodwill. Take a gander at its "before" look....

It had really bad "silk" flowers, lots of plastic, a REAL DEAD butterfly, and some foam inside that glass. I knew it rotated and played music box style music. That was its redeeming quality. I was also keen on the glass dome and the pedestal. I instantly saw through the ugly and saw the cuteness potential going on. I wasn't quite sure what in the world I would do with it though. But, I knew something must be done!

So, I got home and got to work (as soon as my little girls were napping of course). First, glass removal. That did not go as planned. That glass was in there GOOD. It broke, and I nearly cried. So, off it came in a thousand pieces. It was glued in there so good I had to use pliers and a chisel to get all the glass out! This is when I discovered that the butterfly was REAL and I'm gonna be honest it creeped me out. Dead insects, not cute. This is also when I discovered that....get ready....IT LIGHTS UP! Yup, it has 2 "Christmas" style lights going on in there. So, it rotates, plays music, and lights up! I realized this has too much kitch to end up classy, whimsy is the new way to got...I mean lights...are you kidding me!? Oh, and they blink. You wanna see the end result?!! Do ya?! Well here you go...in video form of course (how else can you revel in the glory of its rotating musical light show?)


Do you love it so much you want it to come play its musical and rotating light show at your house? It can be purchased right here!

Here are some pictures...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Lots of Fun New Things!

My little 1 year old baby is walking, I'm coordinating the children's department at my new church, and I'm crafting like crazy. I'm a bit busy, but amazingly not overwhelmed. I'm taking it day by day and if I can win "Battle Nap" with my 3 year old I think everything will be OK.

I have also been having lots of fun thrifting with my friend Cindy and seeing what interesting stuff I can make out of all the odd little things I collect. First, I made a sweet little bird to live in this white birdcage I found for pennies.

Then, my sweet friend Tonya found this duck decoy that needed serious love. I hope the love has helped him, he was a very sad duck.

I also found a fiberglass/resin topiary wall plaque and dressed it up with a little felt.

A little paper mache wreath wrapped with some fabulous chunky harvest gold yarn...
(don't tell my mom, but I think harvest gold is on the way back)

I also feel the need to "rescue" old silver and pewter cups/goblets. So many possibilities! Who really drinks out of these things anyways?

Jewelry boxes, oh jewelry boxes! How I do love you! Maybe, it was the little jewelry box I had when I was a little girl that has inspired my new obsession with "prettying" them up. Dark wood and red velvet wasn't that pretty to begin with.

And lots more wreaths!! Of course, you can't forget the wool felt wreaths!

I hope you enjoy all my new little treasure! There are more to come...

Monday, March 29, 2010


So, I am not a big fan of the "hunting" look. I don't gravitate towards hunter green, burgandy, brown, etc. It's just not my style. So, I also happen to think that duck decoys as decoration are hideous. I would much rather look at a real duck thank you very much. But, I do love ducks so I decided to "cute-ify" some duck decoys. (you like that word? I made it up) Remember awhile back I made this sweet duck...

Well, I found some more decoys!!


Much better!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is a test!

So, I'm blogging from my iPhone! This should be interesting. I hope it works...

What I'd like to show you is a jewelry box I re-made.

I am getting excited about giving old beat up jewelry boxes a new life. This is my first wooden one. I did this one a couple months ago

But, silver ones are hard to find!!
I painted the outside, relined the inside and made a big dahlia on the top and I seriously want to keep it!

The jewelry box will be available at the "Saturday stroll" here in Richmond this Saturday, come on down and visit!

And happy FIRST birthday to my baby girl!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I need Pattern Testers!

Necktie Dachshund

Fabric Dachshund

I need 4 pattern testers! 2 for a necktie dachshund and 2 for a fabric dachshund. I have the necktie dachshund pattern finished so that is ready to go, but the fabric dachshund might be ready by this weekend. So the first 2 people to say they want the necktie version and the first two to say they want the fabric version to comment wins!

A bit of info to help you make your decision. The necktie dachshund uses an entire silk necktie, its a bit more challenging to make because its silk and you need some fusible webbing. The fabric dachshund uses about half a fat quarter's worth, no fusible webbing.

If you want to test the pattern but have questions please ask!

Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Felty Food

I was inspired by this WhipUp end of year Felty project roundup. I decided to make a sandwich! A sandwich for Miriam of course. Then I got bit by the felt food bug!

I made a few extra sandwich pieces to add a little "dagwood-ness." I made some bacon, onions, a few pickles, and a smear of mustard (that's the yellow blob on the far left). And no, I did not use fancy/pricey wool felt. (oh, how I adore that wool felt though) I used the craft store stuff. And I didn't use a pattern, you don't need one I promise! Just wing it! You can cut out green circles and call them pickles, white rings and call them onions! My daughter totally knew what they were. If it makes you feel better draw on the felt with a pencil or make a paper pattern. But, hey its just felt food...its not rocket science. You can do it! Oh, and I just used a simple whip stitch with boring old white thread.

Now, on to the PIZZA! Super simple. A beige circle, a red wavy red circle, some pink circle pepperoni, a few black O looking olives, U shaped green peppers, some grey mushrooms, and of course a bunch of simple strips of white cheese.

Then I went and made a felt landscape! Once again...just winging it! I glued a few bits like the center of some flowers and the beak on the bird. Oh, and I used one of those large stiff white pieces of felt as the background. It needs some people too.

Next I want to make little "sets" of stuff to play with on the felt board. For example I want to make a dress-up doll with shoes, clothes, hair, hats, etc. I'm also thinking about making "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Miriam has memorized the whole book and she would love to tell the story with felt pieces. But, I want to make that set really nice and take my time. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my felt bug bite!

Closing up shop!

I am closing up the shop for the month of January, but get ready for kinds of new goodies starting in February. I have big plans for this year!! I'll write more about my plans in the coming days...get ready!! Fun stuff to come!