Sunday, January 3, 2010

Felty Food

I was inspired by this WhipUp end of year Felty project roundup. I decided to make a sandwich! A sandwich for Miriam of course. Then I got bit by the felt food bug!

I made a few extra sandwich pieces to add a little "dagwood-ness." I made some bacon, onions, a few pickles, and a smear of mustard (that's the yellow blob on the far left). And no, I did not use fancy/pricey wool felt. (oh, how I adore that wool felt though) I used the craft store stuff. And I didn't use a pattern, you don't need one I promise! Just wing it! You can cut out green circles and call them pickles, white rings and call them onions! My daughter totally knew what they were. If it makes you feel better draw on the felt with a pencil or make a paper pattern. But, hey its just felt food...its not rocket science. You can do it! Oh, and I just used a simple whip stitch with boring old white thread.

Now, on to the PIZZA! Super simple. A beige circle, a red wavy red circle, some pink circle pepperoni, a few black O looking olives, U shaped green peppers, some grey mushrooms, and of course a bunch of simple strips of white cheese.

Then I went and made a felt landscape! Once again...just winging it! I glued a few bits like the center of some flowers and the beak on the bird. Oh, and I used one of those large stiff white pieces of felt as the background. It needs some people too.

Next I want to make little "sets" of stuff to play with on the felt board. For example I want to make a dress-up doll with shoes, clothes, hair, hats, etc. I'm also thinking about making "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Miriam has memorized the whole book and she would love to tell the story with felt pieces. But, I want to make that set really nice and take my time. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my felt bug bite!


  1. That sandwich is TOO CUTE! What an awesome idea!

  2. I love that! I think i'll give it a try with some of my recycled wool sweater felt scraps. Cute!

  3. I'm just back from a lovely long holiday which wasn't quite footloose and fancy free because I had to make twenty felty sandwiches - lovely to see someone else's take on lunch!

  4. I love the idea of felt food!