Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Are you ready for the most quirky, the most whimsical, and the most cute thing I think I've ever made? I know you are! So, here's a little background...I bought this "thing" for lack of a better word, cause it was crazy ugly, at Goodwill. Take a gander at its "before" look....

It had really bad "silk" flowers, lots of plastic, a REAL DEAD butterfly, and some foam inside that glass. I knew it rotated and played music box style music. That was its redeeming quality. I was also keen on the glass dome and the pedestal. I instantly saw through the ugly and saw the cuteness potential going on. I wasn't quite sure what in the world I would do with it though. But, I knew something must be done!

So, I got home and got to work (as soon as my little girls were napping of course). First, glass removal. That did not go as planned. That glass was in there GOOD. It broke, and I nearly cried. So, off it came in a thousand pieces. It was glued in there so good I had to use pliers and a chisel to get all the glass out! This is when I discovered that the butterfly was REAL and I'm gonna be honest it creeped me out. Dead insects, not cute. This is also when I discovered that....get ready....IT LIGHTS UP! Yup, it has 2 "Christmas" style lights going on in there. So, it rotates, plays music, and lights up! I realized this has too much kitch to end up classy, whimsy is the new way to got...I mean lights...are you kidding me!? Oh, and they blink. You wanna see the end result?!! Do ya?! Well here you go...in video form of course (how else can you revel in the glory of its rotating musical light show?)


Do you love it so much you want it to come play its musical and rotating light show at your house? It can be purchased right here!

Here are some pictures...

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  1. Oh my god are you kidding? So cute! What a major success, I love it!
    Oh, I wanted to let you know I posted a tutorial for the felt mushrooms from the banner of my blog. I'd love to see some made from recycled sweaters like you do!