Monday, May 5, 2008

the wren's pet bed!

hey check it out! the wren made a suitcase pet bed! how cool is she! check it out

she makes the coolest handbags, and i think its super neat that she lives in cape town, south africa. my idea is traveling the world...


  1. Ironically enough winter is arriving early here in Cape Town and it is very stormy outside tonight. I now have two snoring but happy dogs sleeping in my pet-bed (Balue, the black and white dog has stolen most of the space and the little brown one, Katie has her head hanging out). Night one and it is already being put to great use! Thanks Kirsten for the wonderful inspiration.

  2. haha... puppy on the left is totally doing a how-much-longer-can-i-hold-this-expression smile. cute.