Wednesday, April 30, 2008

100 things about me

i have some friends who have listed 100 things about i figured i'd join in! sounds like fun to come up with 100 things to write down.  maybe we will all learn something about me (including myself)

1. i was born in new england (new hampshire to be exact) but i was raised in the south
2. i have one brother
3. growing up i had had a rabbit, a couple of hamsters, a fish or two, a cat, and a dog as pets. now i have a cat and a dog
4. the cat was killed by the neighbors dogs, he was only 6 months old
5. the dog lived to be 16 years old
6. my parents have been married for almost 35 years
7. i am kinda a geek
8. i enjoy reading theology and social science books
9. i gravitate to non-fiction more than fiction
10. i usually write in all lower case letters, i don't know why, lazy i guess
11. my first boyfriend was named mike and my last boyfriend now my husband is named mike
12. i had mono my senior year of high school, apparently it was the worst case my dr. had ever seen.
13. princess diana and mother teresa died while i was sick in bed with mono, i watched every single bit of tv coverage including diana's funeral in the middle of the night
14. i love going on vacation but i find it hard to spend the money to go
15. there was a giant flood on my 11th birthday in my town and they shut down school, it was awesome
16. i was a "water girl" for my middle school football team in 7th and 8th grade
17. i never played sports growing up
18. i was in girl scouts for 6 years
19. i played the flute for 6 years
20. played the flute and the piccolo in the marching band
21. i drove from augusta to toronto two times in one month
22. i've known my husband since 9th grade
23. he once dated my best friend
24. i have lived in portsmouth, new hampshire
25. new orleans
26. olympia, washington
27. augusta, ga
28. milledgeville, ga
29, new york city
30. richmond, va
32. i have a ba in art from there
34. i have an associates in accessory design from there
35. i got the associates after i got my bachelors
36. i taught art to homeschoolers
37. i taught art to 6-12 graders
38. i worked at old navy
39. also worked at the gap
40. i was a nanny one summer
41. i designed a tag for a tie/belt that amici accessories sold to wet seal, i did this while i lived in nyc and then found the tag i drew in a wet seal in augusta, ga. i squealed when i saw it.
42. i stole the tag!
43. i was a visual specialist at macy's 
44. i dressed mannequins
45. i was not as fun and glamorous as it looks
46. i learned to sew when i was 12, my mom taught me
47. i used to paint anything that didn't move
48. i have painted bricks, hammer handles, floors, random boxes, tons of chairs
49. i have only flown 1st class once and it was because i was flying standby
50. i have been to two foreign countries...canada and thailand
51. i have been to the seoul, south korea airport
52. my husband and i have stayed at the same hotel and ate at the same restaurants in chiang mai, thailand two years apart. we were with groups of people and we were not in charge of where we went or what we did, so it was a huge coincidence
53. i have never had surgery
54. the only time i have stayed at a hospital was when i had miriam
55. i read all 7 of the chronicles of narnia at least 12 times 
56. i love history
57. i used to want to be an archeologist
58. until i realized that meant crawling around in dark holes with snakes and spiders
59. my favorite colors have always been blue and green
60. i dress my daughter in non-pink colors as often as i can
61. i hate buying clothes that aren't on sale
62. i have never spent money on a cell phone
63. i have never mowed grass, i would but have just never had to
64. i have never been on a cruise
65. i graduated in radio city music hall
66. my key note speaker was anna wintour
67. calvin klein received his honorary doctorate
68. i was once a hair model
69. my hair was dyed ronald mcdonald red against my will
70. i worked at my girlfriend's kitchen for a couple months
71. most of my furniture and furnishings were free (gifts or found)
72. i have a one year old daughter
73. i never exercised until i joined stroller strides (yoga doesn't count)
74. i find the story of amelia earhart fascinating, i wrote a paper on her when i was little and airplane bore me, go figure
75. i hate writing
76. i go through crafty phases
78. it started with ceramics then to weaving, then fabric design, then accessories namely purses, then painting, then bookmaking, then sewing
79. i've been in my sewing phase for a good 3 years or so
80. i got married outside
81. i wore ballet shoes in my wedding (i only took ballet in kindergarten, so i was no ballerina, they were just comfy)
82. i saw my husband in my dress before we got married, we took all our pictures before the ceremony, i loved it that way, highly recommend it!
83. i have been married 4 wonderful years
84. i used to hate running, now its not so bad.
85. i actually ran the entire 6.2 miles of a 10k
86. i had a horrendous time, but hey i ran the whole the rain
87. my brother and i went to the same place for our respective honeymoons
88. it was the same place that the truman show was filmed
89. my favorite food is chef boyardee ravioli 
90. my favorite drink is diet coke
91. i never look at a menu at a mexican restaurant
92. i always order cheese dip and 1, 2, or 3 beef enchiladas (depends how hungry i am)
93. mexican is my favorite type of restaurant
94. i ate mexican the night before i was induced
95. i taught my husband to drive a stick shift
96. i still drive a stick shift
97. i put my child to sleep on her stomach at about 2 weeks
98. i am addicted to buying fabric
99. it has taken me 45 minutes to write 100 thing about me
100. i am a Christian and i love Jesus 

wow, that was harder than i thought. yet now i am thinking of more stuff! 


  1. This looks like it was fun to do! I remember when you went to Thailand...your photos were AWESOME! It looked like an awesome place to see. OH, and if you like fabrics (I'm not sure if I've sent you this before), Blair found me this site FULL of really neat fabrics! -I- even have a hard time resisting!
    I'm not sure how their prices rank, as I rarely ever buy fabrics, but it's a really cool site, even if just to browse!

  2. This could possibly be the thing that keeps me from grading that I've seen it, I have the itch to do the same. :) Hope all is well!!