Monday, March 24, 2008

You must try this!

I have discovered a new recipe that I must share with the world! Pumpkin is not my super favorite ingredient. I do love a good Pumpkin Pie but pumpkin cakes were never my fav. Well pumpkin cake has captured my heart after trying at a friend's house. I guess anything with chocolate chips helps. That always helps! This recipe makes two loaf pans but I made one of them in a vintage jello mold and it worked. I had to bake it an extra 10 minutes or so and cut off the "mound" off the bottom to make it flat. Oh, and I added some simple milk/powdered sugar glaze. We were having some good friends over for dinner and I figured I would make it 
fancy. So here it is...enjoy! Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

photo from Cooking Light

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  1. We were the ones lucky enough to eat this delicious cake and from another non-pumpkin fan...I thought it was great!! Thanks, Kirsten!