Saturday, March 15, 2008

Is it done yet?

Well as a participant in March of the Tools I figure I should post one of my favorite tools. I cannot cook without this...

Its my cooking thermometer! This handy $20 gadget that I purchased at Target is the best thing since sliced bread, seriously. I was sick and tired of not knowing when the meat I was cooking was done. I didn't like slicing into the middle of everything looking for pink. This little probe goes into the thickest part of the meat and it will tell you the temperature on the screen. It works in the oven or on the stovetop. You can "set it and forget it!" Instead of waiting a certain amount of time till you think something is done, you set the temperature and the alarm goes off when its done. No more over done or under done meat again! It also has a timer in case you need it. The other fancy feature is that it is a magnet so it will stick to your oven or refrigerator.  But don't try to use it for frying and attach the screen to your range hood over the hot oil. Because it will fall in the oil and it won't work anymore! And that's how my first one died. 


  1. hot damn that looks like the perfect tool for me too! i get totally stressed out when it comes to cooking meat - esp dishes i've never cooked before. I should get one!! thanks for the heads up.

    oh and congrats on the D*S contest win - sooooo cute!! love that idea.

  2. Haha oooops, looks like I wrote the above comment whilst signed in to my boyfriend's account! This is the real me :)