Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Weight

Yes, I know this is a craft blog but I need to make this public. I am tired of this baby weight!!!! Baby #2 weight is not coming off like baby #1 did, at all. Baby #2 is 9 months and its time to kick myself in gear! I saw pictures of myself from this Christmas and I wanted to cry. So, if you have an iphone and you want to join me in my weight loss goals, check out the "loseit" app (its free!) and create a account and find me under friends at kirstendschueler (at) gmail (dot) com. Seriously, I need the motivation! I am training for a 10K, which I did 2 years ago. I started from scratch and had never run in my life, ever. I had a great motivator, Rachel Pustilnik, she owns Stroller Strides Richmond and she just plain rocks. She even sacrificed her time for the race to run with me! I ran horribly slow but I actually ran the whole race without the rain! So, I know I can do it again. I just have to start over. I also started watching my calories. The LoseIt app really helps me. Check it out! So, there you go, I have got to lose this baby gut. Join me!


  1. Best of luck! I too am setting out to train for a 10K this year. The last one I ran was 2 years ago before I got pregnant and it was exhilirating :) And my reasons for training again are the same...after my c-section my stomach has just not bounced back. Sigh...

    From another Kirsten :)

  2. You GO GIRL!!! You can totally do it!

  3. hey kirsten,

    i've pseudo met you a few craft fairs (i'm sew bliss sew). I've been using the loose it app since feb of 09 and have lost 65lbs! So i'm a big advocate for this app and its gentle and healthy treatment of recording what you eat and how you work it off. If you'd like you can add me as a friend! my email is
    and good luck!!!