Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rock & Shop!

I just got accepted into this show! Its the Rock & Shop Vintage Market and I am so excited! They say its:

"A hip indoor flea-market featuring a fashion show, a juried selection of local and national designers selling eco-friendly repurposed and vintage fashion, jewelry and furniture. Live music by the bands Lonnie Walker and Mount Weather."

Its at the Cotton Room in the Golden Belt which apparently is a brand new space. Its on October 17th from 1-5 and costs $3 at the door.

If you live ANYWHERE near here I would LOVE to see you! I will have dog/pet beds, wreaths and lots of other great repurposed vintage items!


  1. Congrats!! I was talking to Erin the other day and she was commenting on what cute stuff you had in the shop right now. She said she wanted a wallet/change purse, but they have no spare cash at the moment. Maybe I need to go ahead and get her birthday gift?? :)

  2. Congratulations, that sounds like an awesome event. I would totally go if that was in my area.
    I just found your blog today via the link on Sew, Mama, Sew! Your fabric flowers are fantastic, I also really love your wreaths. I'd love to link to your flower tutorial if you didn't mind.

  3. That is SO COOL!

    I hope it goes super well : o )