Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spiffy-ing up the vintage!

I have started to really enjoy "spiffy-ing" up vintage items. I love the mix of vintage and modern day design. Old silver jewelry box with a tacky and gross red polyester/plastic lining...yuck! Old silver jewelry box with gorgeous lavender cotton fabric lining...GORGEOUS!

I also am loving frame purses and coin purses at the moment. This purse had a horrible crocheted bag with nasty polyester lining that was falling apart and really could not have been pretty even when it was brand new. So, I ripped that sucker off and using my skills from FIT I made a new bag using felted wool sweaters (my other favorite). I also recycled some flowers from the neck of an old cardigan, scrunched them together and viola! a hydrangea.
Check out more photos of each item in the shop!

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