Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, my self-imposed hiatus is over! Baby Nora is here and I think I have a handle on mommy-ing two little ones...I think. Nora was born March 17 and has finally reached "happy baby" status. She was a rough one in the beginning! Colic was her first, middle, and last name. Big sister Miriam is pretty cool with it all we think. She has her moments like we all do. For example, my mom came to take care of them this past weekend while we went to a wedding and Miriam decided she would hit her sister. Well, she fessed up to it after my mom asked why Nora was crying..."I hit her." Lovely. 

The etsy shop is officially open again! Check it out! And hey, while you're at it become a fan on facebook! There will be more products to come...


  1. Hey honey - just wanted to let you know you have a typo in your etsy link that you might want to fix (etys instead of etsy). :-)

  2. Congrats on the new baby! I was wondering where you disappeared to! I'm glad you're back and thanks for stopping by to my blog to say hello!

    ^_^ Chase.

  3. omg...
    so sweet, I got the best kind of toothache!