Monday, February 11, 2008

well, it fits the dog?!

i recently made the elf hat from "
Bend-the-Rules Sewing" and I thought that my 9 month olds head would be smaller than was called for the pattern and lets just say its apparently not! so it fits the dog. but i also found out that it fits newborns! so i gave it to my friend sher who is about to have her first baby girl any day now. 

thank you to everyone who visited my blog after craft magazine mentioned my suitcase dog bed!! i usually average about 10 visits to my blog each day but this weekend i had 500 in one day!! that's amazing! so thank you thank you for visiting!! 

a couple of you had some questions about the bed. the strap i installed to keep the lid from closing, while your sweet pet is sleeping soundly inside, is removable. i installed a snap to the top and the bottom of the suitcase and then made a canvas strap that attaches and is tight enough to keep the lid from closing. i really should take a picture, that would make it clearer. i'll get on that. promise! 

so, i am training for my very first 10K. now, i have never run any sort of race...ever! so this is getting really hard. i started exercising about 6 months ago and felt very encouraged by my friends and really felt i could do this. so i am working out monday, wednesday, and friday and then running tuesday, thursday, and saturday. which only leaves sunday for my much needed rest! i have never pushed my body this hard and everyone is telling me that its 70% mental. well, its definitely becoming a mental battle!! i have never been a physically tough person, its not that i give up i just don't like to do things that don't come somewhat easily. i never did any sports growing up, just wasn't my thing. makes me sound like a wimp! but, i've just never done something this physically taxing and mentally "pushing through" when my body wants to stop is something new to me. 


  1. THAT'S AWESOME! I had NO idea you were featured in a magazine! Oh my gosh, how cool. And I kind of freaked out a little bit about that hat! I would totally wear one of those myself! Hershey looks absolutely adorable in it, though. TONS AND TONS of good luck in your 10k! I can barely even row that far, let alone run!

  2. That is the cutest picture series EVER. your pooch is so sweet.

  3. Oooooooh, a dachshund!
    I have one too (short hair, black) and he is the star of my blog (as a guest blogger who takes questions on life, fashion, Paris, etc.)

    What's his name?
    How old is he?
    Or is it a she?
    He's ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  4. I just loooove long hair dachshunds! I had one, same color as yours.

  5. I love how your doggy is so dutifully modeling the lovely hat. And congratulations on your picture in the magazine.